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Some clarity on the looming “Spent Grain” FDA rules

The FDA has recently published a guidance document outlining the proposed new rules that would effect brewers who provide their spent grain to farmers for animal feed. A comment period will soon start.

The summary of these rules is that if you sell less than $2.5 million in spent grain used as animal feed, the rules will not apply to you as long as good manufacturing processes are followed. This will undoubtedly cover most of the craft brewing industry. There will be, however, recordkeeping requirements and possible FDA inspections of the location where spent grains are stored. No word yet on exactly what that will look like.

If you want to read the proposed rule, HERE is the link. A BIG THANKS should be given to the Brewers Association for leaning on the FDA’s ear concerning the use of spent grain as feed. No one wanted to see all of the spent grain head to the landfill, and for a moment, it looked that was a strong possibility given the restrictions that were talked about early on.


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