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New User Requested Features

Two new user-requested features have been added to the latest version of TTB Tamer, v5.0.

Batch Numbers
Now batch numbers can be tracked alongside your entry updates and they can be filtered and searched in your history. Even better, your information in TTB Tamer can now be easily associated with other software you might be using (like recipe or production management software) that is structured around batch numbers.

Multi User “Delete” Privileges
Now brewery administrators of multi-user accounts can decide whether or not other users have the capability to delete past entries. This will be especially helpful if you have users that are responsible for making entries but you don’t want any accidental deletions.

A big THANK YOU to the current users who suggested these new features!

If you’re still doing your reporting the hard way and are interested in saving some time, CHECK OUT what TTB Tamer can do and START YOUR FREE TRIAL.

To your paperwork sanity!

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