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New Features – May 2015

New Features – Editing Entries from the History Page

At the request of some of our users, you can now edit the Amounts of your entries and the Batch Numbers of your entries directly from the Entry Log (old History page).

No more needing to delete the entry and revisiting the Update page for changes. Simply click on the Amount or the Batch  number to make an edit. When finished, click Save.

Notification in your Beer Inventory if one of your balances is negative

Your beer inventory will glow orange if one of your beer balances is negative. Negative beer tastes bland….keep your beer inventory positive (or at zero).

We’ll be rolling out another feature very soon to help you figure out why one of your balances went negative. Stay tuned!!

Page name Changes and Clarifications

The old “Update” page where you made brewery entries is now called “Make Entries”.

The old “History” page where you can see your previously saved entries is now called “Entry Log”.


Thanks to our users for feature suggestions!

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