Batch Blending

Two or more different batches can now be blended together.

This is a great feature if you brew partial batches to fill a single fermenter, or if you have a barrel aging program and want to blend multiple barrels.

To use the feature, you select the 2 or more batches that will be blended and input the amounts that will be blended together. Then select or create a Target batch where the beer will exist after when blended.

You have the option to blend beer in the Cellar, Racking Bulk, or Bottling Bulk.

Default Units

You can now select the default units you like to use for making entries; Barrels or Gallons for volume and Pounds or Ounces weight for weight units.

Your default selections will be automatically used when you make entries so you don’t have to remember to select your conversions from the drop down menu. Perfect for smaller breweries that still like to brew in Gallons and Ounces!