You can now export your entries to csv!

This will allow you to sort your data using a spreadsheet for any State or Local reports that you need to create.

    The exported fields are:

    • User Name
    • Created Date and Target Date of the entry
    • Type of entry made (Beer Fermented, Beer Sold in Tavern from Kegs, etc.)
    • The Amount and Units that were entered, as well as the amount converted into barrels
    • Batch number
    • All Comments and Explainations

    To export your data to CSV, first filter your data by date, category, or batch number like normal using the filters provided at the bottom of the Entry Log.

    Then, click on the button to the right labeled ‘CSV Export’.

    A CSV (Comma Separated Variable) file will be created.</br></br>You can then import this file into any spreadsheet program you like to use.