One of the top record keeping mistakes

breweries make is not maintaining accurate Daily Reports that support the quarterly or monthly Operations Reports. Although these reports are not regularly filed with the TTB, they are especially important if your brewery is ever audited or needs to explain some unexpected shortages.

TTB Tamer now supports the creation of Daily Reports.

Simply select the correct day that the operations occured when you make your Updates. TTB Tamer will compile all entries to create a daily report (similar to the standard report of operations). You will also be able to make comments for any Update you make. These will appear on a second Breakout page on the daily reports and on the History page.

Because TTB Tamer will be using the same data to create the daily reports and the operations reports, there should never be discrepancies between the two.

As a rule of thumb, make your TTB Tamer Updates no later than the next business day after the operation occured in the brewery and your daily records will be in compliance with TTB requirements.