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Looking forward to 2017

Happy New Year from TTB Tamer!

We’re excited to announce a few notable features coming up in 2017.

Entry Page UI Changes

(coming early 2017)

A common request has been to reduce the amount of available entries shown on the Make Entries page so that it’s easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

We hear you loud and clear!

In the new UI you’ll be able to create groupings of entries (called processes) that you can choose to see, and everything else will be hidden away.

For example, if you’ve just got done kegging, you can call up your “kegging process” in TTB Tamer and you’ll only see the relevant fields for Kegging. No more hunting through all of the possible entries to try to find the right ones to use.

As a default, we’ll have a few pre-made processes that you can use to get started (including a ‘show me everything!’ process that will do just that) but you’ll also be able to make and save processes custom for your needs.

Making a group of Entries all at Once

(coming early 2017)

Another request has been to be able to pre-populate a group of entries with specific amounts so that you don’t need to enter them, one by one. You’ll be able to do this with a new feature called Recipes.

For example, after you brew your IPA you’ll be able to call up your IPA ‘recipe’ and voila, your brewing Process (see above) and all of the appropriate amounts (the Recipe) will appear at the same time. No more need to enter several different amounts manually every time you make one of your standard brews. You’ll be able to create and store your Recipes right along with your custom Processes.

Supporting Wineries and Distilleries

(coming late 2017)

Lastly, in late 2017, we have plans to support Wineries and Distilleries!

If you currently, or have plans to, make either hard cider or distill your own spirits in addition to your beer, TTB Tamer will have you covered.

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