TTB Tamer currently only completes the required Federal Operations forms (5130.9 & 5130.26) and the Federal Excise return 5000.24. But that doesn\’t mean that you can’t use the data you enter into TTB Tamer for your State forms!

TTB Tamer has a very powerful and easy to use Entry Log (or history page as it’s commonly referred to) that allows users to search for specific types of entries and filter by date windows. For example, if you wanted to know how much beer was sold in Kegs in the month of July, you would just select “Beer removed for sale in Kegs” from the Category Filter, select July 1, 2015 for the start date and July 31, 2015 for the end date.

All of the entries you made for Kegs sold during that time would be shown.

Note: Actual user data shown. Some text fields blurred to protect the innocent.

Just grab a calculator and BOOM, Bob’s your uncle!

You can do this for any bit of information you enter. Unless a state form asks for something weird that the federal forms ignore, we’ve got you covered.

State Report Helper has been added inside of TTB Tamer!

State Report Helper is a new section of TTB Tamer available to all users. Simply navigate to the State Report Helper page and choose a month to calculate:


Overall Balances at the End of Month

  • Cellar Balance
  • Racking Bulk Balance
  • Bottling Bulk Balance
  • Keg Inventory
  • Cases Inventory (bottles and cans)

Cumulative Amounts for the Month

  • Added to Cellar
  • Added to Keg Inventory
  • Added to Cases Inventory (bottles and cans)
  • Sold to Tavern from Cellar
  • Sold to Tavern in Kegs
  • Sold to Tavern in Cases
  • Distributed/Removed in Kegs
  • Distributed/Removed in Cases

And we add categories regularly to keep up with user requests.

If there’s something that you regularly need for your State Reports that isn’t shown let us know! We may be able to add it!