Here’s the tl;dr Summary:

  • All entries will be stored with 3 decimal places. You will notice this especially on the Batch History and Entry Log pages.
  • All math will use 3 decimal places.
  • All final totals (after the math happens) will be rounded to 2 decimal places (for printing of reports, calculation of tax, etc.).

Why are we doing this?

There were a handful of cases where rounded amounts were stacking on top of each other and causing final values to be off by 0.01 or 0.02 bbl.

For example, previously if you entered that you sold 1 sixtel, the entry would be stored as 0.17 bbl. If you did this 3 separate times, the total would be calculated as 0.51 bbl. (math: 0.17+0.17+0.17 = 0.51) The problem is that 3 sixtels is exactly half a barrel, which is 0.50 bbl. So ’rounding errors’¬†would slowly make the inventories incorrect 0.01 bbl at a time and eventually you would need to make an adjustment.

What a pain!!

NOW, after this change, if you enter that you sold 1 sixtel the entry will be stored as 0.166. Do this 3 separate times and you’ll get 0.498, which will then be rounded to 0.50. Success!!

Even though this will not completely solve the issue of ’rounding errors’ creeping into your balances, especially if you use the built in conversions a lot, this should significantly help keep your inventory balances more accurate in TTB Tamer, and cut down on the times when your actual inventory and calculated inventory might be off by 0.01 or 0.02 bbl.