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Batch Accounting is Here

Batch accounting has just been deployed as a Beta feature (meaning it’s usable, but still being developed).

Head to the Batch Log page to see a list of all of your batches. You can drill down into them and see all of the additions (like brewing a batch or racking to kegs) and removals (like selling in the tavern or recorded losses) so that you can get a better handle on any cumulative errors that might be creeping into your totals that make it difficult to ‘zero out’ a batch.

Special thanks to Tim at Saint Benjamin Brewing for sending us this idea as a Feature Request!

If you would like to see any improvements to how the Batch Log works, or if you find a bug while using it in Beta, please send us a note by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right corner of the Batch Log.

And if you have any feature requests of your own please be sure to let us know!!


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