We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched support for Winery reporting! And along with it, a brand new app with new features and a new look!

The new app is quicker, cleaner, more intuitive, and easier to use.

Some of the new features are:

  • better sorting and filtering for entries and batches to find exactly what you want to find quickly
  • ability to combine batches, as well as split
  • better visualization of your balances in TTB Tamer, so you can more quickly make sure your reported amounts match your physical inventory and find where there might be descrepancies
  • blazing fast report creation
  • built-in Process and Entry validation to help you create your processes, make sure your entries are correct before you save them
  • validation built into the reports so you can drill down into your numbers and see exactly how they are calculated before you submit them

…and more features on the way like custom reports, ‘locking’ past reports to prevent them from being accidentally changed, the ability to add and remove additional users, and switch between brewery/winery/distillery accounts directly in the app for multi-account users.

You can check out the new interface on our Youtube channel in the Wineries playlist.  We’ve also started adding new sections to the user guide specifically for wineries

Distillery support slated for December 2018 and existing breweries can move to the new app early 2019!

Distillery support is on the way and Brewery users will have the ability to migrate to the new system starting early 2019.