Month: October 2017

Federal Tax and Reporting Requirements for Craft Brewers

A common question I get asked is, How do taxes for breweries work? Depending on who is asking the question, and whether or not we both have enough beer in hand to discuss the process without getting a headache, I give them one of two answers. The simple answer is Breweries (and Brewpubs) pay Federal taxes on beer that has been sold. Once money has been exchanged for your beer (either from the consumer directly in your brewpub or tasting room/tavern, or by distribution to a store or bar/restaurant) Uncle Sam wants his cut of the action. The complicated...

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Using TTB Tamer for State Reporting

TTB Tamer currently only completes the required Federal Operations forms (5130.9 & 5130.26) and the Federal Excise return 5000.24. But that doesn\’t mean that you can’t use the data you enter into TTB Tamer for your State forms! TTB Tamer has a very powerful and easy to use Entry Log (or history page as it’s commonly referred to) that allows users to search for specific types of entries and filter by date windows. For example, if you wanted to know how much beer was sold in Kegs in the month of July, you would just select “Beer removed for...

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